10 Worst Foods You Really Should Not Buy

Before the era of junk foods, our food habits used to be more healthy and organic. But with the revolution fast foods and other processed food items, our age old food habits are soon replaced. It is needless to mention that fast foods do more harm than any good. The modern techniques of food processing make the foods lose their nutrients and only provide bunch of high calories.

It’s really difficult to cut off processed and fast foods completely, but we can surely avoid such foods which are more harmful compared to other food items. Here are the 10 worst foods for the body which are proven to increase the risk of having deadly diseases.

1. Bacon

It is true that bacon is delicious and there are a lot of people who loves bacon more than anything. But the truth is bacon is not good for your health. The average portion of 3 slices bacon contains about 435 milligrams of sodium and about 900 calories per 100 grams. This is too much for an adult’s daily allowance. If you continue to take this amount of sodium and calories, chances are that you are only inviting some serious health concerns.

2. Potato chips

A medium sized potato has 160 calories. While potato chips are made, it loses most of its nutrients. While a normal potato has 5 grams of fiber, 26% potassium and 70% vitamin C, potato chips have only 1 gram fiber, 10% of potassium and vitamin C.

3. Frozen meals

Frozen meals including frozen pizza, cheese and potpie are prepared with less nutrients and poor quality of ingredients. The main concern while preparing frozen meals is preservation. These foods only contain processed meats, fats and sodium, which are harmful enough for our body.

4. Processed meats

Processed meat is the cause of cardiovascular diseases and also some cancers. Eating processed meat regularly can increase the risk of having heart disease by 42%. Processed meats include foods like hot dogs, sausages, salami etc.

5. Stick margarine

This is one of the unhealthiest foods you can buy. It has trans fat content that are created by adding hydrogen to vegetable oils and this makes the fat hard to take a solid form. It also increases cholesterol, causes heart diseases and increases the risk of having diabetes.

6. Anything deep fried

Deep fried foods are really unhealthy. They increase the risk of having cancers, heart problems etc. French fries, doughnuts, fried chicken etc. are included in this type of food.

7. Frosting and cakes

Frosted cakes and confectionery items are really delicious. But these foods are also responsible for heart problems and cardiovascular diseases. Cake frosting also contains trans fat like margarine.

8. Bagels

Each bagel has about 350 calories. They are made from refined white flour, which contain no nutrient and vitamins. It can cause faster weight gain and increases the risk of having diabetes.

9. Soda

Soda contains a huge amount of sugary calories that increases the risk of cancers, premature aging and hormone disruption. High fructose corn syrup is present in soda that can cause diabetes.

10. Gummy candies

Another food that is made from corn syrup or straight sugar is gummy candy. A half gram of gummy candy contains about 360 calories. This is the same amount of calories found in a turkey breast sandwich on whole grain bread. Gummy candies do not contain any nutrient on the other hand it can cause several disease and cause weight gain.

Consciously or sub-consciously we often buy these foods and include any of these items in our regular diet. It’s to re-do the grocery checklist and let’s make sure that we are excluding these items next time when we hit the supermarket.