How to Get Rid Of Facial Hair: 11 Ways

Are you facing problems for your unwanted facial hair? Is it really bothering you every day??

You must be upset with that, then. But you should not worry at all as facial hair is a common problem for women. It occurs because of hormonal changes. You can always remove your unwanted and bothered facial hair if you want. There are plenty of ways and techniques that can help you to get rid of facial hair. You just have to follow some simple ways and you will surely feel the change.

1. Pluck your facial hair off

Plucking is a common, effective and quick technique to get rid of facial hair. This method is also known as tweezing. In this method you pull your facial hair from any area on the face using a tweezers. Plucking is effective against stray hairs. The re-growth of the hair takes some time. That is why you can follow this method frequently. But you should remember that plucking or tweezing is a painful technique. But it works effectively.

2. Bleach it properly

You can use bleaching method. It is also known as dyeing the hair. In this method you have to dye your facial hair according to your skin color to match skin tone. By doing this you can make it look less noticeable than before. You have to carefully choose the color based on your skin tone. This is a common method if you are not willing to take any pain or side effect.

3. Waxing

You can try waxing as it is also a common method to remove facial hair. It cost a bit, but it depends on the area from where you want to remove your hair. The cost is not very expensive. Salons offer different type of waxing. One of them is “Katori”. You can also use cold wax. It is safer for you face. The effect of waxing lasts for a couple of weeks. But it is very painful and can cause ingrown hairs.

4. Try Threading

The most common method and popular among the women with facial hair is threading. You can try this at home. But the problem is the effect is temporary and you have to do this periodically. But it is an easy way to remove facial hair. It is painless and does not require any special tools. You can use a string to thread your facial hair. If you find it difficult, then you can go the professionals.

5. Buy an epilator

Epilator is a small device or gadget that removes hair easily. It can remove multiple hairs at once. It is not very expensive. It is an effective and fast method to get rid of facial hair. The effect lasts for several weeks. But it is sometimes painful. The epilator pulls the hair from its roots and keeps the hair from growing for some time.

6. Try chemicals

You can try creams, lotions or other products that have chemicals on them. This chemical melts the hair and helps you to get rid of facial hair. They are cheap and easy to use products. They are also painless. But remember they have side effects. They can burn your skin sometimes.

7. Electrolysis

It is considered as a permanent method to get rid of the facial hair. But sometimes facial hair re-growths because of hormonal issues. This method uses tiny little needles into your skin in order to destroy cells that are responsible for hair growth. It is expensive, but the result is perpament. But this process has side effects such as scarring.

8. Laser treatment

Laser treatment is the most recent method of removing facial hair for good. The effect is permanent as this treatment uses light pulses to destroy the root of hair. It is very expensive, but worth a try if you are willing to get rid of facial hair permanently.

Besides the above methods you can also use some home remedies that will help you to get rid of facial hair. There are various kinds of home remedies that are effective against facial hair growth but they require a long time.

9. Turmeric

Turmeric has the property that curbs hair growth. It also has antibacterial effects. You can apply turmeric to get rid of facial hair. You have to make a paste using turmeric powder and water. Apply the paste on the facial hair and leave it for a few minutes. When it dries, wipe ways the turmeric and the hair using a soft cloth dipped in warm water.

10. Besan or gram flour

It is a great ingredient for making face packs. You can mix gram flour and turmeric to make a paste and apply it on your facial hair. Use this pack on your face and leave it to dry. Then rub your face using a cloth dipped in warm water.

11. Egg

Egg is good for skin and hair. You can use egg white and mix it with corn flour, sugar and lemon juice. Create a face pack with this paste and apply it on the facial hair. When its dry, pull it off. It is a bit painful but effective.