How to Get Rid Of Trapped Wind using Home Remedies

Trapped wind can be a painful and embarrassing problem that affects many people. However, there are many natural remedies to the problem that can be used to resolve the issue. In this article we will take a look at ten natural remedies that can help you to get rid of get rid of trapped wind.

1. Stay healthy

Being healthy and getting good exercises can help in getting rid of wind. Moving the body and keeping the organs moving is a good way of stopping any build up of wind that may occur in the body.

Try spending a small amount of time each day doing some exercise

Try and keep to a healthy diet

2. Eat more pumpkin

Often high fiber foods such as beans can be a problem. Pumpkin can help to reduce the amount of gas that one may have. It does this by breaking down the fiber that can build up in the body from certain food types.

Add pumpkin to your meals as often as possible

Shred it up to make it easier to digest

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3. Drink Chamomile tea

Chamomile is a popular hot drink to have as it can be calming as well as effective against trapped wind. It is also effective on other symptoms, such as heartburn and stress. Many people drink it, thanks to the calming effect that it can have in the evenings after a hard day’s work.

Drink when the trapped wind becomes a problem

Drink several times a day

4. Caraway seeds

Eating a small handful of caraway seeds or a similar food that has caraway in, such as caraway crackers can help. These can be eaten throughout the day or when the problem begins.

Try and eat the caraway seeds in the morning until the wind disappears

5. Chew food effectively

It may seem obvious, but chewing food is very important. Not chewing the food properly can lead to indigestion and stomach cramps, as well as trapped wind.

Chew food slowly and thoroughly

Drink water to stop the food becoming dry in the mouth

6. Drink lemon water

The acidic benefits of lemon water can be good at easing the pain caused by wind. Drinking a cup of the mixture when the problem beings are what can make it effective at easing the problem and calming the pain involved

Try and drink the lemon water in the morning

Keep drinking lemon water throughout the day

7. Drink Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is one of the most popular herbal teas to relieve indigestion and help with trapped wind. Many people drink it after a meal as it is great at helping to digest food. Peppermint can be bought from many shops and is available in the tea section.

Drink a cup of peppermint tea after dinner, so as to help with the digestion of food.

Try to drink several cups a day

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8. Consume Ginger

Ginger is a strong food source that contains a selection of chemicals within it that can help you to get rid of get rid of trapped wind.

Ginger helps to relax the organs and soothe inflammation

The food also helps to expel gas

9. Don’t try to hold the wind when you begin to feel the effects of trapped wind within the body. This will only make the problem worse. It is much better to let it out in a private location.

Let the gas out in a place that won’t embarrass you!

If the gas can come out, then it is best to relieve it

10. Bicarbonate of soda

Try a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to help relieve any problems that may occur from trapped wind. This chemical will break down the wind and will relieve the pressure within the body. A teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda can help and should be taken in small doses

Mix a small amount of water with the bicarbonate of soda and drink in one go

Try doing this once a day until the problem relieves itself